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We combine the power of data, content and automation to turn your website users into VIPs. Unlock your email marketing channel with us today.

Email Marketing

Capture, convert and nurture more customers with our fully managed email marketing service

Email is still the most-used channel of communication and has the highest conversion rate of any e-commerce channel. We can show you the limitless potential of this mighty channel.

Email Marketing Audit

Is your email channel performing as best as it can do? With a detailed analysis of your account, we will identify opportunities for growth, quickly. Our detailed audits interrogate your entire email account; list hygiene and segmentation, subscriber engagement and deliverability, flow strategy, email campaign content and design.

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Email & Lifecycle Strategy

Following your account audit we will design a bespoke Email & Lifecycle Strategy that puts your customers first. This is the blueprint to unlocking more value from each user and turning up the revenue from your owned channel.

We will plan and execute the key ingredients to a successful, automated email strategy that will keep working when the marketing team clocks off! Your Email & Lifecycle strategy might include;

  • List & Segmentation plan - identifying value within your database
  • Form Strategy - how and when to show forms to certain users to drive signup or action across your website
  • Design - we will design and build a new email campaign and flow template that stops users in their tracks (or inboxes!)
  • Flow Plan - we will design a robust Flow plan that communicates with the right person at just the right time to increase key metrics such as AOV, time between orders, repeat purchase/no. of orders
  • Loyalty & Referral - a plan to keep customers coming back for more so you're not wasting your acquisition ££s!
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Email Flow Management

Our fully managed service will see us looking after your email / SMS flows. Your flows have huge potential and we will be aiming to set up, review and optimise as many relevant flows as possible to increase personalisation and remove the reliance on sending email campaigns. Flows will include;

  • Setting up relevant triggers (Lists, Segments, Metrics)
  • Planning and building out flows including email, SMS, flow filters where necessary
  • Designing, writing and building messages for each stage of the flow
  • Ongoing reporting, review and optimisation of flows to ensure key metrics are being met
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Email Campaign Management

Once we have an in-depth knowledge of your brand and what you want to achieve, we will design a tailored email campaign sending plan that is linked to your Email Marketing Strategy. We will do this by:

  • Planning, designing and writing compelling email campaigns
  • Aligning campaigns with your wider marketing, events and promotions plan
  • Segmenting your audience based on different factors, such as interests, buying history and demographics to add value for each customer
  • Planning and building a series of timely and personalised automated email flows tailored to each customer or customer segment
  • Optimising emails for both web and mobile
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Email Design

The importance of design in email marketing cannot be underrated - the visual appeal of your emails has a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. We can design stunning and functional email templates for you to use if you would prefer to manage your email marketing yourself. These can be standalone templates or flow templates for welcome journeys or automated campaigns.

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Klaviyo Marketing Agency Partner

Klaviyo is a customer-first platform for email, SMS and more, which helps brands automate and scale personalised communications by giving them direct ownership of their customer data and interactions on a simple customer platform

We partner with Klaviyo to provide best-in-class email marketing strategy and increase our clients' revenue through email marketing.

Interested to learn more about Klaviyo or even sign-up for a free account to get started - simply follow this link: Sign-up to Klaviyo.

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