Email Marketing

Communicate directly with your target audience and drive e-commerce sales with flawless email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing

Nurture relationships and convert customers with engaging email marketing

Email is still the most-used channel of communication and has the highest conversion rate of any e-commerce channel. We can help you harness the potential of email marketing with thoughtful, engaging and well-designed campaigns to capture your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

In the 12 months to June 2021, we helped one client achieve £1.4m in revenue directly attributed to email marketing campaigns.

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Set your email marketing objectives

Setting your objectives is vital for the success of any email marketing strategy. Together, we will align your email marketing aims with your wider business goals to begin creating campaigns that achieve your desired outcomes.

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Email audit, set-up and strategic planning

We will carry out a full audit of your existing email marketing position before our team gets to work on building a strategic plan for future campaigns. This includes: 

  • Reviewing existing emails and design templates
  • Ensuring signup forms are performing and audience data is being captured correctly
  • Assessing and understanding the competitor landscape 
  • Reviewing the current segmentation and targeting of your audience
  • Analysing existing automations and workflows
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Capturing customers and maximising exposure

After your bespoke plan has been drafted, we focus on growing your mailing list and boosting system connectivity to capture as many potential customers as possible. This includes:

  • Fully connecting email service providers to your website (our preferred partner is MailChimp)
  • Planning, designing and fine-tuning sign up forms and employing relevant audience tags for segmentation and targeted messaging
  • Designing and building landing pages for specific campaign activities. For example, building a list of leads at a B2B trade event or capturing a brand partnership competition
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Email campaigns that convert

Once we have an in-depth knowledge of your business and what you want to achieve, we will design a tailored email marketing plan that seeks to convert audiences into customers and increase long-term customer retention. We will do this by:

  • Planning, designing and writing compelling email newsletters
  • Aligning newsletters with your wider marketing plan
  • Segmenting your audience based on different factors, such as interests, buying history and demographics to add value for each customer
  • Planning and building a series of timely and personalised automated email flows tailored to each customer or customer segment
  • Optimising emails for both web and mobile
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Stunning email marketing templates

The importance of design in email marketing cannot be underrated - the visual appeal of your emails has a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. We can design stunning and functional email templates for you to use if you would prefer to manage your email marketing yourself. These can be standalone templates or flow templates for welcome journeys or automated campaigns.

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Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

On the surface, email marketing is pretty simple. Essentially, it’s the use of email to promote your business, whether that be a product or service. Remember direct mail? (Yeah, so last year). Well, this is the digital version of that.

Other than order confirmations and resetting a login password, any email that a business may send out is regarded as email marketing. We’ll delve a bit deeper into examples later on, however just to name a few, a business may send out an email with offers, product information, and newsletter containing general information about a product or service.

As stated above, even though it may seem simple, you need to get email marketing right for it to work… get it wrong and you may see your business losing subscribers due to your ‘spammy’ emails. This is where we come in. If you keep reading, you’ll learn a little more about the practices of email marketing as well as how Altum Media can take your email strategy to the next level.

Why Use Email Marketing?

There are many reasons why, as a business owner, you should use email marketing in your strategy. For one, it’s one of the most direct ways of addressing consumers. Below are a few reasons why email marketing is super effective in growing your business:

  1. Reach consumers on mobile

As more and more people move their digital lives onto mobile, businesses need to adapt their strategies to accommodate for this. Email marketing is a perfect way of hitting that mobile target. The majority of consumers across the globe open and check emails from their phone rather than desktop. According to IDC and Facebook, checking emails is the top activity amongst people on smartphones at 78%, with web browsing a close second at 73%.

  1. Consumer preference

Of course, the main priority for your business is to optimise your marketing spend. Therefore, your budget needs to be focused on things which will work. With this being said, studies have shown that consumers actually prefer communicating with brands over email rather than other platforms such as social media. The main reason for this is due to the fact that emails are based on permissions. The emails you send out as a business is to a list of people who have subscribed and accepted that they will be receiving emails. A study from ‘Marketing Sherpa’ found that 72% of consumers prefer receiving marketing through emails.

  1. Freedom of creativity

Even though social media is growing at a rapid rate, and a lot of marketing spend is being funnelled towards that platform, it still has its limitations. For example, ads have certain character limits as well as image restrictions. Whereas, with emails, you can customise the HTML and content to make it as personal as you want and to promote your product or service.

Practices of Email Marketing

The possibilities are truly endless with email marketing, from custom HTML to templates, you can make them as personal to your customers as you want or send out blanket emails. Below, we have outlined some good practices that you should use in your email strategy:

  • Design is important

This really goes without saying, but the design of your emails are extremely key in the effectiveness of them. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient, they aren’t going to want to read through a blank, white page with a few words on them. There are many email clients which have inbuilt template designers which can make designing your emails a bit easier, or if you can build emails from scratch which of course can look much better but is also less flexible.

  • Audience segmentation

Just like in your macro marketing strategy, you need to target certain audiences and segment them. This also applies to your email marketing strategy. For example, if you are a business which has consumers across multiple nations, you could build email lists based on language. This adds more value to the customers rather than sending a blanket email in English. Furthermore, you can create email lists on other factors such as age and geographical location, this means you can target different demographics for different products or services.

  • Timely emails

The timing of emails is an important factor when forming your strategy. There are many times in the year when you may want to pre-schedule your emails to be sent out at a specific time. This may be to add personal value to your customers, such as a birthday message, or it could just be an email sent out to subscribers letting them know a sale is on. 

With certain email clients, you will have the ability to schedule when you want your emails to be sent out to your mailing list. This not only makes your job a lot easier, but it also makes it possible for emails to be sent out ahead of time if there is an event or sale on for example. 

  • The welcome journey

When customers sign up to your mailing list, businesses usually send out a ‘welcome’ email to try and make them take another step in the customer journey. The main metric to be focusing on here is the conversion rate because you want to know how many people are making that extra leap, whether that involves adding a profile or downloading content to give an example. The average open rate for a welcome email is 50%, which means that they are 86% more effective than newsletter emails.* Therefore, you can really create an impression with them. Once an impression has been created, the customer will be likely to engage with your brand. With that being said, consumers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with brands, than those who don’t.*

*Source: invesp

  • Email automation

Email automation does what it says in the name. Email clients allow you to create automated emails which are sent to the customer at the right time. An example would be a welcome email that we previously explained. If a user signs up to your business’s mailing list, then an automated email can be sent out to welcome them and make the next step in the customer journey. This saves a lot of time for you, as you don’t have to manually create the emails yourself and send them whenever a person signs up.

Email Marketing Clients

There are various different email marketing clients across the internet which work for some businesses better than others. These tools allow you to create, test, optimise, and send emails.

Our preferred partner is MailChimp.

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