Content Marketing & Copywriting

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Content Marketing & Copywriting

In the words of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, “Content is king”. Despite these words being written in 1996, this statement couldn’t be more true, even two decades on! A ‘one-size fits all’ approach isn’t how we do it at Altum Media. We’re able to succeed by creating content which is tailored to each of our clients’ needs, in order to build customer rapport and increase brand engagement. This can vary from blogs, email marketing, and video - the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to online content.

Whether it’s by telling captivating stories or creating visually appealing video, content can make your audience engage without realising it. In a saturated digital world, it’s important to cut through the noise with impactful content. This way, the audience will consume the brand message and maybe even engage with it, further building your brand awareness and impressions. This is where we come in...

Written Content

Written content is a powerful tool for your business. It allows your brand to extend to new customers and resonate with your current audience. Luckily for you, our team at Altum Media is extremely competent in written content and we’re confident we can build your brand through pen and paper. Let’s run you through a few examples of how written content can benefit your business:

Using blogs and web pages to boost SEO

One of the ways written content can grow your brand presence is by increasing your search engine rankings (otherwise known as SEO). This allows your website to show up higher than others when potential customers search for relevant keywords. Blog content is a major contributing factor to this. Not only does Google reward your website for great content which is relevant; blogs also drive traffic to your website. Each blog is an extra page for your website, meaning that there is more choice of a potential customer landing on your site… pretty neat right? If you’re looking for help with your written content and communication - we’re here for you!

Optimising your email marketing content

As well as blog writing, we can also service your business with copywriting for a wide variety of things; such as emails which will be sent out to your subscribers, website content, and product guides. Each of those things which have previously been mentioned is extremely important for growing your business and we can aid you with that. Whether it’s updating old website content or writing captivating emails which are sure to increase your open rates, we will be able to get the results you need.

Lead generation through gated content and downloadable resources

So, we’ve outlined the fact that written content can drive website traffic, increase SEO, and gain customers’ interest; however, we’re missing another great reason to use written content… Lead generation! Through gated content and downloadable resources, such as e-books and product guides, you can hide this content behind a subscription form or a password which means that your potential customers will have to fill in their contact information to access this content. This is an excellent strategy for growing your subscriber base and contacts, allowing you to remarket to those people in the future! Reach out to us if you want to generate those leads…

Visual Content

Of course, content doesn’t just take the written format. At Altum Media, we’re able to create various materials to support your marketing needs, ranging from photography, videography, and GIFs. Visual content can be a very powerful tool when done correctly. A pretty damning statistic is the fact that 95% of B2B buyers stated that they preferred shorter and highly visual content formats (Demand Gen Report). This is evident across nearly all marketing platforms whether it be growing your social media channels or decreasing your website bounce rates. GIFs, video, and visually appealing imagery are all great tools which will increase your brand presence and awareness. 

Here are a few reasons why we should help implement visual content into your marketing strategy:

  • Grabs attention
  • Easier and faster to process a key message or selling point
  • Generates more impressions
  • Is sometimes likeable and “shareable”
  • Can turn into viral content

The most common types of visual content are photography and video but there are so many different formats and styles that you can play around with to engage your audience to maximise results. Let’s break down some usage cases for those bits of content:


  • Close-up product images for e-commerce
  • Lifestyle product images for website, social media, email, advertising
  • Look-books and product manuals
  • Hosting products on third-party websites
  • For PR and media use - journalists and writers LOVE good photography


  • Tell a story of your brand
  • Get immediate attention from a video on your website and social media
  • Informative videos of your product/services
  • Company culture videos or behind the scenes
  • User-generated content - again, people buy from people!

Third-Party Content

It’s no surprise that brand ambassadors and influencers are becoming more and more popular in brands’ marketing strategies all across the globe, and there is a reason for this. People buy into people, therefore partnering up with influencers to promote your product isn’t such a bad idea. If you’re thinking about taking this leap, we can most definitely help you!

At Altum Media, we’re able to create both written and visual content which will aid your marketing campaign. Whether it be a social media post or video ad, it is important to create a meaning behind the message and people will see straight through obvious advertising. Third-party content is all about creating a relationship between the audience and the individual promoting your product/service, therefore, we will create messaging which will resonate with the influencer’s/ambassador’s audience, ultimately leading to a lead and more importantly, a sale!

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