Digital Marketing Agency, Exeter

Digital Marketing Agency, Exeter

Are you searching for a digital marketing agency with a range of industry experience and a history of success? 

Altum Media might just be the solution you were looking for. With our range of high-quality services from creative content production to sleek social media marketing, you won’t be disappointed. We take a bespoke approach to each of our clients so you can be sure we are as passionate about your business goals as you are. 

We have worked across a range of sectors, confirming us as one of the most diverse digital marketing agencies in Devon. Regardless of the size of your business we have a tailored package just for you that works with your schedule and budget. 

With immediate access to an expert team, what are you waiting for? Schedule your virtual coffee with Nathan now.

Why work with a digital marketing agency?

Having worked alongside brands for years, we understand the value of time. That’s where a digital marketing agency can help. By taking the workload off your hands, you are free to spend your time investing in other parts of your business. Also, our years of expertise mean that we can make executive decisions backed by real numbers that will save you money as well as time. 

Let’s break down the main three reasons why a digital marketing agency can help you: 

Working with a digital marketing agency may seem daunting financially but once you consider the hiring, training, and staff turnover costs of in-house marketing, you’ll see the benefits of agency marketing. You’ll have access to our full team straight away to make sure you’re getting the most for your money from the get-go. Well, we can’t speak for everyone but you certainly will with Altum Media. 

The digital realm of ROI, ICP, and SEO is one that we know and love but might sound like a foreign language to many. By outsourcing to an agency you are putting your marketing strategy and content into the hands of the people who know the marketing world inside and out. See what our clients have to say about our work here.

Time is money as a business owner, and digital marketing agencies can give you some of your own time back again. With your marketing needs outsourced, you are free to check in with your HR and management teams, develop those ground-breaking pipeline products, or try that new café on the corner. If you’re still having trouble deciding between outsourcing to an agency or hiring an in-house marketing team, have a look at our post weighing up the pros and cons of In-House Marketing vs. Agency Marketing

What to look for when choosing a digital marketing agency in Exeter

There are many different variables you should consider when choosing a digital marketing agency to work with. These range from the knowledge of their craft, to how approachable they are. We believe the latter is one of the most important considerations as you and the agency will need a great working relationship as synergy is essential to business!

Why choose Altum Media

We could let our client testimonials speak for themselves but here are the key points that set us apart from other digital marketing agencies in Exeter.

Altum Media is proud of its strong and long-lasting relationships with present and previous clients. We take the time to listen to your business goals and the story behind your brand so you’ll never feel that we don’t value your brand as much as our own.‍

Good things come in small packages and we are no exception. You’ll also be able to meet the individuals behind the work you receive so we aren’t just blank faces behind a brand. This also means that as we are closer to you, we are closer to your customers meaning every part of our expert team understands far more about your consumer base than is possible with larger agencies. 

Smaller agencies have the added benefit of lower overheads than larger ones meaning we are able to deliver the same high quality services, just at lower prices.

Matching the culture of your business is something that is key for professional relationships. We are a really approachable bunch and have experience working well in a variety of business environments, check out our case studies to see the type of brands that we have worked with.

The power of digital marketing, paired with our expert team makes a pretty good combination, at least according to us. We are committed to getting results for your business and have the know-how to achieve this. Our strategies are flexible, able to adapt to changes in the market to ensure your profits keep going up.

We have a strict policy on transparency with all our clients. Our contracts and SLAs are simple and easy to understand so there is no room for miscommunication on the important stuff. All of the hours that we bill you for are recorded and reported upon so that you know where your hard-earned cash is going. If we need to find a freelance expert for certain aspects of your project then this will be discussed beforehand, rather than receiving a surprise bill.

Digital marketing services in Exeter

Digital marketing agencies can cover a number of different services to help your brand grow. Here are the services we can offer you;

Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Facebook Advertising
Content & Copywriting
Marketing Consultation & Strategy
Design & Illustration

If you wish to take a deeper look into our services, just click here for our Services page.