Digital Marketing Agency, Torbay

Digital Marketing Agency, Torbay

Is your marketing feeling a bit stale?  

Do you need a new perspective and a fresh injection of energy?  

Digital Marketing is truly an art form, and here at Altum Media, we have mastered our talent. Through our range of core services, we can help grow your business online, whether it be a small start-up or a large established brand! Our personal and bespoke approach to each of our clients really provides value and an ongoing relationship which really makes a difference to your business’s output and sets us apart from everyone else. 

We have been lucky enough to work with a variety of different clients, ranging from outdoor leisure to food and drink, which has confirmed our place as one of the most diverse agencies servicing in Torbay. We aim to work in perfect synergy with your business to reach those goals you have always strived for!

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Why work with a digital marketing agency?

As a business owner, time really is of the essence, so it’s important to make sure you stay on top of work and complete deadlines on time. This is where we come in. Working with our digital marketing agency can certainly help with the issue of time; offering your business expertise and strategy, we can effectively and efficiently grow your brand.  So, let’s dig a little deeper on why you should work with us:

As stated before, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small start-up or a large business, our digital marketing agency will have everything you need according to your budget. You will have access to our full marketing team, ranging from social media experts to creative strategists all with the intention of giving you the most bang for your buck!

Growing your business is certainly not an easy task, and venturing into the digital playground of search engine optimisation (SEO), paid ads, and email campaigns can be extremely daunting. Hiring our digital marketing agency comes with a lot of expertise and knowledge which will help you navigate that tough landscape. As it won’t be our first time at the rodeo, we will know how to best break down your budget to get the best results and optimise your return on investment (ROI).

There’s no hiding the fact that as a business owner, you won’t have all that much time on your hands. However, our digital marketing agency will certainly have much more time, enabling us to plan and strategise the best approach to your projects. As previously mentioned, we come with a whole team, with the best tools at our disposal, meaning that campaigns and other projects will be delivered at a much higher rate than if you were to do it alone.

If you’re still having trouble deciding between outsourcing to an agency or hiring an in-house marketing team, have a look at our post on In-House Marketing vs. Agency Marketing

What to look for when choosing a digital marketing agency in Torbay

There are many different variables you should consider when choosing a digital marketing agency to work with. These range from the knowledge of their craft, to how approachable they are. We believe the latter is one of the most important considerations as compatibility is essential to business!

Why choose Altum Media?

With that being said, here are 6 reasons why we are the digital marketing agency you’re looking for:

Our team is extremely approachable and we always aim to create the best working relationship with our clients as possible! We will be sure to keep up to date with your business in regular calls/meetings whether that be at your offices, or over a coffee in a cafe. See what our clients have to say about us here

We’re a fairly small digital marketing agency, meaning that we will be able to deliver a high-end, personalised service to our clients. Due to our size, we’re much closer to our clients and therefore closer to your customers. This means that we have more time to spend understanding your consumer base, and with this knowledge, we’re able to strategise and deliver successful campaigns.

Because we’re a smaller agency, we have lower overheads, which is perfect for you! Our affordability means that we can do more at a lower price for our clients, proving to be extremely cost-effective.

We’re able to fit Altum Media to any business culture we service. Culture and fit are (and we can’t stress this enough) an extremely important part of working relationships. As mentioned before, we are a very approachable and personable agency, and we’re sure we will share similar values and goals as you do!

At Altum Media, we have a mixture of knowledge and experience, working in perfect synergy to help achieve your business goals. Our team consists of experts in the creative field, making sure that your business’s content and messaging is on point. We also have analytics and strategy experts, enabling your business to stay on an upward trajectory - and if there is a trough - finding a strategy to overcome this and grow the brand further is what motivates us! With all these variables working in perfect harmony, we are sure we can help your business grow substantially.

We run a strictly open and honest policy with all of our clients. We have simple to understand contracts or SLA’s in place so everyone knows where they stand. We record and report on all of our time when working on specific client projects and tasks so you know exactly where your money is being spent. If there is something that we can’t do or we are not experts on then we will manage any number of freelance experts that we know, and the best thing is we will tell you their hourly rate rather than just adding 20-50% on top!

Digital Marketing Services in Torbay

Digital marketing agencies can cover a number of different services to help your brand grow. Here are the services we can offer you;

Email Marketing
Facebook Advertising
Social Media Management
Content & Copywriting
Marketing Consultation & Strategy
Design & Illustration

If you wish to take a deeper look into our services, just click here for our Services page.

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