Marketing Strategy & Consultation

A strong marketing strategy is essential to kick start the growth of your business

Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Develop a surefire marketing strategy to take your business to new heights

Guided by our expertise, enhance your marketing strategy to ensure your budget is spent in the most efficient way. We can help you develop a strong e-commerce strategy, infallible content and social media strategies and use our wealth of knowledge to develop products, find routes to market, provide training and produce plans and templates for you to implement yourself.

We have been guided through our first trading year by Altum Media, their expertise has been instrumental in developing our sales from a standing start - Dartmoor Whisky Distillery

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Product development and positioning

We will help you navigate the marketplace and situate your offerings within your brand’s range to provide customers with a choice of products at different price points.

We can work with you on product pricing, guiding you through different pricing models such as pricing for scale, cost and for particular profit margins. Reviewing your product range can prove highly beneficial by assessing if all products are profitable, suggesting new product ideas and analysing whether your business would benefit from a streamlined range to enable specialisation and growth.

If you are planning to launch a new product, we can work with you to bring it to fruition. We can help you discover routes to market, plus design branding for packaging and create samples for gifts, press and to help people discover your brand.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

E-commerce strategy development

We can help take your e-commerce strategy up a notch by introducing the direct-to-consumer model and building an online brand that connects your digital channels together, creating a seamless integration between your website, socials, email and advertising.

After an audit of your e-commerce website, we can make recommendations to improve your web presence. These may include:

  • Ensuring your brand is strong through copy and visuals
  • Fixing and improving SEO following a technical audit
  • Making shopping easy for the consumer - from the inspiring website content through to the checkout process and after-purchase experience (such as email automations)
Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Content and social media strategy

Flawless strategies for your content and social media that identify the best channels for your business will help to drive engagement and grow your following. We can create:

  • A calendar schedule template
  • A social media plan including content pillars and fresh ideas for different content types
  • Graphics, story and video post templates

We can also link your social media channels to your website blog and email platform for a connected approach to content marketing.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media


We offer one-to-one or training workshops for small business owners or junior marketing staff wanting to learn more about how to implement effective digital marketing in their business, training could be given in the following areas:

  • Social media marketing 
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising
  • Planning and building a content marketing strategy
  • Building a brand online

We can also create marketing plans and templates for you to implement yourself.

Contact us for more information about the various training options we offer.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

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