Social Media Management

Standout social media marketing to grow your audience and build your brand

Social Media Management

Drive brand equity through strong social media

Drive up your brand equity with strategic social media and leverage the increased value of your brand over time. We will help you increase demand for your product or service and nurture lifetime loyalty. Keep customers coming back for more with content that puts them at the heart of the conversation.

In our first year working with Pipers Farm, we increased Instagram engagements by 216% and increased profile actions by 293%.

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Understanding your objectives

The first step in building your successful social media strategy is to understand your top business goals and aligning these with the approach to social media. We always get the best results when we have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Auditing, set-up & strategic planning

Once we can align your top business goals to social media, our team will start to build a deeper understanding of your business and get to work on building out a social media strategy just for you. This includes:

  • Auditing your existing social media position
  • Understanding your competitor landscape
  • Setting social media objectives
  • Researching relevant types of content that work well in your industry
  • Optimising your social media channels and profiles
  • Building a plan and designing post templates and styles
Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Content planning & publishing

With a clear strategy, our team can get the creative juices flowing and start to work on what matters - creating and scheduling engaging content. Our content planning and publishing can cover the following:

  • Visual asset creation and curation - we will create a suite of post templates to maximise the assets that you have available
  • Copywriting - our team can craft compelling copy that strikes a chord, at the drop of a hat. Every post will marry the perfect combination of text and visual
  • Video posts - Maximise your potential reach with engaging video content for the feed, IGTV, Live, Reels and more
  • Monthly content schedule - our strategy enables us to build monthly content plans 
  • Client post/plan approval - we will plan content ahead of time and share with you for approval before posting on your channels
  • Optimal send time - our expert software helps us identify the best time to post content for maximum engagement
Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Community management & engagement

A winning social strategy doesn’t stop with publishing content. Our dedicated team will work closely with our leading software to manage and nurture your audience to get the most out of every interaction. 

Our Smart Inbox gives us total sight over the comments and messages that matter so we can respond in a timely and meaningful way which helps to organically grow your community.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Reporting & analytics

Get access to the metrics that matter with our detailed reporting. Our reports will help you understand audience growth, engagement, post clicks, and can cover the following areas:

  • Analyse your biggest competitors
  • Understand top performing posts
  • Demographic breakdowns
  • Hashtag or campaign analysis
Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Paid social media

Developing a strong brand identity on social media doesn't always mean instant sales. The average reach for an organic post is now down to 5.2% (Hootsuite). By mixing paid social campaigns with consistent brand messages, we can help you build a winning formula for driving up sales and nurturing brand loyalty.

Check out our Facebook advertising services here for more information.

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Powered by Sprout

We’re agency partners of Sprout Social, the global leading social media management tool. This expert tool paired with our marketing knowledge and creativity makes for a strong team - you’ll want us on your side!

Social Media Management, Altum MediaSocial Media Management, Altum Media

Social Media Management

Social media has seamlessly engrained itself into our everyday lives, which has been made even more present with the growth of mobile. At Altum Media, we understand the importance of social media and how it can be used effectively to increase your brand visibility and generate business. And trust us, it’s much more than just posting an image on Facebook!

Have a scroll below to take a look at how we can take your social presence to the next level:

Setting up stand-out profiles

  • Getting you set up on relevant channels
  • Making your profile on brand
  • Writing bios, adding links
  • Story highlights

We all have to start somewhere, so if you are yet to create any social profile for your business, we can help you set them up on the relevant social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to start growing your brand presence and get your business out there! 

Think of your social profile as a website; it’s where people will go for information about your business, as well as reviews and offers. This means that it needs to stay on brand and send out a consistent message with the rest of your marketing. 

Does that sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Monthly content planning

  • Importance of planning - plan 2-3 months ahead
  • Idea generation
  • Making the most of key dates and events
  • Brand content pillars
  • Lifestyle and brand vs. selling
  • Link to an example content calendar

Planning ahead is so important in the current digital landscape, not only to anticipate changes in trends, but to also stay on top of your space. This is why we will be able to plan social content months in advance to generate ideas for specific dates, i.e Mother’s Day and Easter. 

Key dates and events are a great way of generating engagement and shoehorning your brand message into a real life event! They also allow your business to offer limited products/services in relation to these dates. By planning content months in advance, we can build on these ideas and make sure they come into fruition and are successful when that given date comes around.

Want a piece of the action? Check out an example content calendar here.

Content creation

  • Visually pleasing - stop your followers scrolling by
  • Engaging content that gets action
  • Tone of voice
  • Creation of a powerful and diverse asset library (images, video)
  • Photoshoot - mood boarding, planning
  • GIFs and videos

In such a crowded landscape, it is important to stand out and mean something to your audience. That is why our team of creative experts will make sure your content cuts through the noise!

Variety is the spice of life, and this mantra goes for your brands’ social media content too. Your audience don’t want to just see sales-focused messaging all over their timeline, therefore it’s important to create engaging and visually appealing content which will generate clicks and reactions. We can help create a mixture of content which is engaging, aimed to gain brand interest, as well as messaging aimed at generating sales and leads!

Just like social profiles must follow your brand identity, your content needs to follow suit too and stay consistent with branding. We will create content which will reflect the same tone of voice your business adopts, whether that’s more formal or approachable. Tone is key in distinguishing your brand from your competitors and to make sure your potential audience members remember you. Big brands like Apple and Coca-Cola all have a specific tone of voice which we have all grown to know, which is why it’s important to create content which reflects your business's character.

Content, however, is not just limited to post copy. It also encompasses assets such as images and video too. If you already have a powerful and diverse library of material which will move your audience, then great! We will be able to use this to partner with your business’s messaging and create amazing and attention grabbing content. However, don’t fret if you are without an image bank yet, we will be able to arrange a photoshoot and take some awesome images and video to use across your socials.

It is important to remember that video is in big time demand right now across all social channels and there is a huge variety of formats that video content can take, from 360-degree videos to GIFs. This gives us a serious amount of flexibility when it comes to planning video content. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands/businesses they care about (HubSpot), which means that there are amazing opportunities to reach more people and grow your audience with video content… and we’re here for it!

Content Scheduling

  • Plan and schedule content ahead of time to automatically publish and save time

Now, once we have created all of the content for you, we are able to schedule that content across a given time period using various scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook Creator Studio, etc. Scheduling is so important because it allows us to reach your audience at peak times, even when we don’t happen to be around! We can predict when your audience is most likely to be active and then pre-schedule content to be pushed out at that given time… pretty awesome, right?

As well as hitting those engagement sweet spots, scheduling also allows your brand to be consistent with what content is published at what time. For example, a lifestyle brand may have a post scheduled to go out on every wednesday with the hashtag #WellnessWednesday. Their audience will start to expect this every week, so by scheduling content, we are able to keep on top of the content your audience wants to see on a weekly basis!

Account Management

  • Engaging via direct messages and comments
  • Reposting/retweeting
  • Providing excellent customer service

Arguably, the most time consuming aspect of running an active social media account is the management and engagement of it. At Altum, we are able to keep on top of your inbound messages and comments and make sure that responses are in line with your brand tone and personality.

Engaging with your audience should not be taken lightly. It is a very important part of making sure your social presence remains on top. By responding to inbox messages and post comments, it shows your audience a human side to your brand and can be incredibly personal. If a member of your audience feels recognised - whether that be replying to their comment, or just reacting to it - they will be much more likely to engage with your content again! 

People build relationships with brands over how they are treated, and engaging with your audience on social is just another way of showing off your great customer service!

Brand partnerships & Ambassadors / Influencers

  • Choose partners who have a similar audience to your company
  • Run joint promotions/giveaways
  • Try giving away products to influencers to increase brand awareness
  • “Organic”, natural looking posts positioning your product/service to their audience

Forming partnerships, whether that be with other businesses or individuals, is another awesome way of reaching new audiences and growing your brand's social presence. 

We will be able to get into contact with other businesses who are in a similar industry as you and form a partnership which will allow us to run joint promotions and giveaways. This means that your business will be able to tap into another consumer base and grow your audience from there.

As well as partnering with other brands, influencers are starting to have a serious place at the marketing table and it’s clear to see why! People listen to other people, therefore, if your brand has an ambassador which will promote your product/service on their page then jackpot! We can form these brand-individual relationships for you and work with the individual to create a content plan which looks organic and will catch your audience’s attention.

Competitions & Contests

  • Great platform to run competitions and giveaways - increases engagement
  • Comps always perform well on boosted posts

Running competitions on social is a very powerful tool to grow your audience and grain traction on the platform. This is no easy feat, so we’re here to help you run contests effectively and efficiently!

Competitions are a great way of building a community and increasing that elusive follower count. How many times have you not heard of a brand before being tagged in a competition by a friend or family member? All it takes is for you to take a look at their page and then boom, you enter the competition too, giving them an extra follower, no doubt.

As well as gaining your brand new followers, contests will also build brand awareness. Using competition mechanics such as ‘tag a friend’ pushes your business out to new people who may have never heard of you! We are here to help you run effective competitions which will increase your following and generate meaningful engagements from a brand new audience.

Want to implement your own social media content? Speak to us about creating a social media strategy and design templates for you.

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