With over 25,000 email marketing companies in the UK, trying to decide which email marketing agency is right for you might feel like an impossible task. This article sets out the top 15 marketing agencies in the UK so that you don’t have to, so grab yourself a cup of tea and let’s get stuck in. 

Why work with an email marketing agency?

The first step is deciding that an email marketing agency is right for you. If you’re having trouble choosing between in house marketing and agency marketing, check out our blog that weighs up the pros and cons of In-House Marketing vs. Agency Marketing

We believe that working with an agency is better for everyone, but why?

  1. Expertise. Draw on a large team with varied talents and specialties. Choose an agency that focuses on a particular strategy you want to try, or has a background in your market area for best success.
  2. Time. Because an agency has experience and a team ready to go, you will see positive results almost immediately.
  3. Experience. Agencies will have encountered and solved multiple problems before with different strategies. They often know more about what is best for your business and how to maximise returns.
  4. Creativity. External marketing teams offer fresh, novel insights to revitalise your marketing strategy, untainted by historical approaches. Agencies think outside the box and are able to apply knowledge gained from other businesses to enhance your strategy.
  5. Specialist. Individuals within the agency will specialise in different areas such as social media, email marketing, CRO, SEO, web design, copywriting and more. 
  6. Tools and Software. You will have all the tools that the agency has purchased at your disposal with no direct expenditure. This often means better results. 
  7. Scalability. Agencies can scale to your business, shifting around your focus and goals as they change, which is more difficult for in-house marketing teams.
  8. Cost. Most businesses don’t have the budget to hire an in-house marketing team that specialises in all areas that are required to maximise profits. Working with an agency means you also escape hiring and training costs for employees.

What should I be looking for in an email marketing agency?


Have a look at client case studies that may be available on the website. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone who has worked with the agency themselves. Does this social media agency specialise in a particular area of business and is that compatible with your business goals? Have they worked with a business as large or small as yours?

Client retention

How long do clients stick around and work with this agency? That might be a good indicator of how well the agency understands each business’ needs and can demonstrate strong time management, good work ethic, and a large skill set within the team. The bottom line is, if the agency creates good work, the clients will stay.


How new are the ideas that the agency is coming up with? Are they thinking outside of the box for your specific target audience, or are they suggesting things that you have already tried?


How fast are you getting a reply from the first point of contact with the agency? Do they seem to have a strong idea of the first steps you would need to take and do they seem capable of implementing them in a time frame that suits you.

Effort and Energy

An agency that demonstrates from the get-go that they are keen to work with you is one that you will want to remember. If they have done the necessary research to understand your business’s goals and put together a proposal that demonstrates they have listened to your initial meetings.


What does your gut say about working with the people you have met so far? Are you like-minded individuals, do you share a work-ethic or common ground that makes you say yes this is who I want on my team? Instinct can tell the difference between successes and failures before they’ve even happened, saving you time and money.

Who’s on the list?

1. Altum Media

Coming in at number one is yours truly. We are proud to be one of the best email marketing agencies in the UK. 

Here at Altum Media, we are passionate about driving growth and loyalty. Having worked with some of the best (Luscombe Drinks, Fish for Thought, Pipers Farm, Dartmoor Whisky Distillery, and many more) we believe we have the experience and knowledge to grow consumer businesses to their full potential.

We are a client-focused agency so nurturing organic and genuine connections with our clients (and between our clients and their customers) is a key aspect of our professional relationships. 

A lot of our work is within similar industries, so we can transfer knowledge across our entire client portfolio, and everyone benefits. We specialise in:

Our aim is not only to engage and grow your online community, but also convert them into long standing customers.

We’ll let the numbers do the rest of the talking…

What we achieved for Luscombe Drinks

  • 4594% YOY growth in website traffic from email 
  • 1,138% YOY growth in website sales directly attributed from email
  • 900% growth in customer database in 8 months
  • 6 successful brand partnerships managed and executed
We have been working with the team at Altum for just over 6 months now and from the off, we've been wholly impressed with their strategic approach to our content strategy. Throughout the process of getting them on board with our brand to developing the strategy for the year ahead, they have impressed us with their creative approach, their attention to detail and the structured way in which they manage the delivery of the activity and the monitoring and adjusting of our approach against our agreed KPIs. I would recommend them whole heartedly.

Josie Curran, Head of Marketing, Luscombe Drinks

If you want to find out more, and hear our client testimonials, check out our case studies here

If you’re interested to see what we can do for your business in particular, book a business growth audit with Nathan, he’d love to hear from you.

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2. Leapfrog

Leapfrog marketing agency works with B2B brands to build the right list of contacts so that your message reaches people that are really interested. They generate sales leads and create trust in your brand that builds a loyal customer base.

Services: email marketing, website design, and marketing strategy.

Previous clients: AMH material handling, Powerlogic, Industrial Lighting Co., and many more.

3. The Brains

The Brains is a London based email marketing agency. They have won multiple awards such as the UK Digital Growth Award 2021, and use proven strategies to help B2B firms to nurture leads and convert subscribers into customers. 

Services: email marketing, 

Previous clients: Rezatec, FundU, EFTMatic, and many more.

4. Open House Media

Open House Media is a London-based retention marketing agency that specialises in email marketing. They offer email and SMS solutions, creating marketing campaigns that nurture loyal customers and drive revenue. 

Services: copywriting, design, email marketing, and analytics.

Previous clients: Hamuq, Paw Princess, POWRX, and many more.

5. Agile Digital Agency

Agile Digital Agency is a London-based agency founded in 2018. They are dedicated to making your business as successful as possible online, aiming to boost your brand awareness to improve conversions and generate more traffic to your website and social media pages. 

Services: SEO, email marketing, and web design.

Previous clients: UEPFLY, J1 Teachers, Thames Reach, and many more.

6. Tiger Systems

Tiger Systems is a digital marketing agency based in Gloucestershire that specialises in email marketing. They work alongside their clients to achieve the best results, favouring an integrated approach to being a marketing agency. As a client of Tiger Systems you also have a bespoke database to analyse and monitor all of your data in a safe and secure place.

Services: email marketing, eCommerce marketing, and analytics.

Previous clients: The Mercury, Forbes & Lewis, The NHS, and many more.

7. Careful Feet Digital Marketing Agency

Careful Feet Digital Marketing Agency is a marketing agency that focuses on startups and small businesses. They offer the full range of services at a price that doesn’t break the bank. On top of the typical resources, Careful Feet also offers training to the organisations that they work with, ranging from a one-off talk, or ongoing courses. 

Services: social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO.

Previous clients: Deal News, Avant Habit, Fresh Tri, and many more.

8. Kas Andz Marketing Group

Kaz Andz Marketing Group is an award winning eCommerce agency. They understand that technical work is the foundation of strong marketing in a world of high competition. With over 35 years of marketing experience, they have successfully served over 1600 clients with over 940 campaigns. 

Services: email marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, and eCommerce PR.

Previous clients: located in the UK, the USA, Asia, and Northern Europe. 

9.  Milestone Media

Milestone Media is a digital marketing services company that is customer focused. They have worked across various sectors and are specialists in paid media. Their self-professed focus is being good not looking good. 

Services: SEO, web development, email marketing, and paid social. 

Previous clients: Makani, Blake Mill, Day Made, and many more.

10. Growthonics

Growthonics is a B2B marketing agency offering easily scalable services for their clients. They look at building target-driven accounts and contact lists using a human first approach combined with the power of technology. Their vast experience covers over 800 clients spread across 120 industries.

Services: email marketing, campaign strategy and management, and analytics.

Previous clients: Spotify, American Express, DoorDash, and many more.

11. Digital Media Team

Digital Media Team is a Manchester-based digital marketing agency offers email marketing from strategy through the execution. Their team of young professionals are experts in knowing how to push your brand to the next level, converting clicks to profit.

Services: paid social media, email marketing, and design. 

Previous clients: Missy Empire, Rebellious Fashion, OTTY, and many more.

12. Allsopp Media

Allsopp Media is an award-winning digital media agency that offers email marketing tailored to your business’ needs. They are based in London and focus on small businesses with ambition. As well as the marketing service, Allsopp Media offer mentorship to educate their clients throughout the contract.

Services: strategy and planning, social media packages, and email marketing. 

Previous clients: Karen Millen, Morpheus, and Michael Page, and many more.

13. Metia

Metia is branded as a specialist high-performance marketing agency. They have unique resources such as a Content Resonance System (CRS) that engages customers with content that matters to them, while their Performance Benchmark Index (PBI) forecasts and reports paid media strategies. 

Services: web development, email marketing, and digital strategy.

Previous clients: Dell, Intel and Microsoft, and many more.

14. Digivate

London’s longest standing digital marketing agency. They use data, technology, and user psychology to make your brand stand out online. With over 20 years of experience, this agency specialises in digital marketing and web development. 

Services: digital marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. 

Previous clients: Artigiano, Upfield, SofaSofa, and many more.

15. Mail Bakery

Mail Bakery is a dedicated email marketing agency. They code and design newsletter templates and have worked with over 4000 companies. Designed and built to get results, they are working to be the best custom email template service globally.

Services: design service, tested email clients, fully customisable and reusable email templates. 

Previous clients: YouTube, Apache, Teespring, and many more.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can harness. Get the most out of your business by partnering with one of the best email marketing agencies in the UK.

Choosing the right agency is a big decision but we think Altum Media could be perfect for you. 

Book a virtual coffee with Nathan and see how we can use our email marketing expertise to convert clicks into profit for you. 


Nathan Hoare

Digital expert with extensive global marketing experience