Digital Marketing Agency, Devon

Digital Marketing Agency, Devon

Are you looking for a change in your marketing?  

Does your content need a breath of fresh air or just a new perspective?  

We can help.  

Altum Media has worked with a variety of different clients across Devon to help grow your brand online and connect you with the people that matter. This identifies us as one of the most diverse digital marketing agencies in the South West. Our approach is firmly client-first and our strong ongoing relationships with every business we work with is something we are really proud of.  Digital Marketing is truly an art form, and here at Altum Media, we have mastered our talent. From small design work to full service marketing campaigns we have an experienced team ready to help you succeed. We love the results that we get for our clients, but we have a feeling you might love them more.  

Get in touch and book a virtual coffee with our founder, Nathan. He’d love to hear from you.

Why work with a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies have access to precious resources that as a business owner you might be in short supply of: time.  

As a business owner, time really is of the essence, so it’s important to make sure you stay on top of work and complete deadlines on time. This is where we come in. Working with our digital marketing agency can certainly help with the issue of time; offering your business expertise and strategy, we can effectively and efficiently grow your brand.  

So, let’s dig a little deeper on why you should work with us:

Regardless of the size of your business, we will be able to accommodate your budget and working with an agency means that projects are easily scalable. So, when your business grows, so do we. All of our clients get full access to the entire team so the service quality you receive is not dependent on how deep your pockets are.  

The world of digital marketing will seem like a foreign language when you first start out so getting a team of experienced experts on your side will set your brand up for success from the get-go. Benefit from clever marketing strategists and innovative email marketing experts and you might realise your goals aren’t as distant as they first seem.

As mentioned before, time is of the essence when it comes to growing your business’ online presence and here at Altum Media, we know that all too well. We have invested in the best software tools on the market to save us time, and every one of our clients benefits from this. Where we save time, you save time and money. It’s a win-win!

If you’re still having trouble deciding between outsourcing to an agency or hiring an in-house marketing team, have a look at our post on In-House Marketing vs. Agency Marketing.

What to look for when choosing a digital marketing agency in Devon

There are many different variables you should consider when choosing a digital marketing agency to work with. These range from the knowledge of their craft, to how approachable they are. We believe the latter is one of the most important considerations as compatibility is essential to business.

Why choose Altum Media

We love giving you a tailored service that exceeds all of your expectations.  

With that being said, here are a few more specific reasons why we are the digital marketing agency you’re looking for:

We don’t bite! Our team of creatives is keen to get to know you just as much as they are keen to help your business obtain objectives. We schedule regular meetings, either virtual coffee catch-ups or meetings in your office to keep you in the loop of your project’s progress. Making sure our clients feel welcomed and supported is something we are very passionate about. 

As a smaller digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to meet every member of our expert team, from witty content makers and clever web designers, to clever marketing strategists and savvy analysts. This means we are closer to your business and also to your customer base so you can be certain that your fresh content will be finding the people that really care.

Small agencies have the added advantage of lower overhead costs, which translates directly as money saved by you. We still offer the same stellar quality of service, just at a lower price to some of the bigger agencies. 

One of the aspects of working with a digital marketing agency that is vastly underestimated is synergy. Here at Altum Media, we pride ourselves on building genuine relationships with all of our clients and fitting into the business culture. Hear what our current and previous clients have to say about us here

One of the main things you’ll be looking for in a digital marketing agency is experience. How else are you going to know that your marketing needs will be met, that budgets will be kept to, or that you have a team on your side that can adapt quickly to changes in the market. 

We are on your side. Honesty is the best policy and it’s served us well. You won’t find complicated phrases in our contracts or hidden costs in the small print. Our contracts are simple and easy to understand. Should part of the project require us to bring in one of our expert freelancers, we will let you know in advance what this means for you in terms of timing and budget. Working with Altum Media, you won’t be left in the dark.

Digital marketing services in Devon

Digital marketing agencies can cover a number of different services to help your brand grow. Here are the services we can offer you;

Email Marketing
Facebook Advertising
Social Media Management
Content & Copywriting
Marketing Consultation & Strategy
Design & Illustration

If you wish to take a deeper look into our services, just click here for our Services page.