Pipers Farm - Social Media Management

Distributing engaging, inspirational and educational social media content for an artisan online butcher and sustainable e-commerce site.


About our client

Founded in 1989, Pipers Farm is an online destination for meat and products that are produced sustainably and in harmony with nature. A collection of 25 or so small-scale family farms, all who are farming using regenerative techniques that put the planet first.

You won't often hear butchers telling you to eat less meat, but that is exactly what Pipers Farm suggest we should all do. Eat less, but eat better. Choose native breeds, grass-fed, from family farms who nurture the land and increase biodiversity in their hedgerows.

Pipers Farm put great care into every step of the process, from soil health to the sustainable packaging your order arrives in. We're so proud to be working with a such a brilliant company.




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