As you will already know, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is one of the biggest shopping events of the whole year! So it is crucial to invest time and effort into creating engaging BFCM marketing campaigns as opportunities to further drive revenue are high as shoppers look to strike a deal.

Taking place from Friday 24 November (Black Friday) through to Monday 27 November (Cyber Monday), it is fast approaching, it is useful to start thinking about marketing ideas now.

2022 “saw 130.2 million online shoppers during this period, a 2% increase over 2021”

Source: Record 196.7 Million Consumers Shop Over Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

This shows how important it is to invest properly in personalised, online marketing online BFCM and that E-commerce businesses can benefit greatly from this event.

The benefits of a successful BFCM campaign

Sales increase

Let’s start with the obvious…This massive promotional weekend paired with an effective marketing campaign can increase sales drastically! 

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales has actually risen by 6% from last year, increasing from 33% in 2021 to 39% in 2022”

Source: Black Friday in the UK: Statistics for 2022

39% of Brits made a sale in the BCFM period last year so it is a really great way to boost sales!

Increased brand visibility

Attention arises from BFCM events, which can be used to show your brand values and allow people to engage with core messages and niches within your brand. 

When implemented effectively this gives you a platform to increase ‘hype’ and potentially new repeat customers.

New customer attainment

Acquiring new and loyal customers can be difficult, but BFCM sales allow for a great platform for this to occur. Of course, not all customers in a sale like this will be more than a one time buyer but giving a great customer experience through welcome flows and confirmation emails can help increase numbers who do stick with your brand after the sale.


BCFM is a great way to re-engage previous customers or subscribers!

“Even just 1-2 email blasts to all (or most) of your list during the shopping holiday can expand your 30-day-engaged segment substantially—and set you up for successful email marketing in 2024.”

Source: 10 BFCM tactics consumers loved last year

Expanding your engaged segment can not only help drive revenue from previous customers during the sale, but with continued email blasts to them may keep them engaged for longer and therefore help your marketing campaigns in the coming year!

Inventory management

Sales on stock that isn’t selling is a great way to clear your inventory and warehouse space! It can allow you to have more space for new products and best-sellers. 

Customers are more likely to buy in BFCM because of the event’s hype so a great deal can go a long way.

How to deliver BFCM excellence for your customers

1. Plan early

Planning early is always a good idea, especially when a big weekend like BFCM happens. It’s important to be creative and do lots of edits and ideas so you can make your campaigns the best they can be to drive revenue.

2. Grow your audience before the sales

Campaigns are going to have much more of an impact if you're building up an audience to engage with them. One way to do this is making sure you are growing your SMS and email lists by offering discounts to sign up and perhaps promising subscribers early access to the sale!

3. Improve deliverability 

It’s important to improve deliverability before BFCM starts so you can be sure that emails end up in engaged subscribers’ inboxes.

You can do this by sending BFCM campaigns to highly engaged segments from before and during the sale, which can help increase click rates and open rates because these segments are more likely to want to buy from you. You can also offer a BFCM opt out option, so you can send campaigns and sales to customers who want to buy in that sale.

4. Integrate channels

Using different communication channels can make sure your message reaches all your customers in time for the sales, in a way they like. Whether it’s a social media, email or SMS strategy, a diverse marketing mix will aid you to drive up sales and increase engagement when BFCM happens.

5. The post purchase experience

Optimising and personalising the post-purchase experience can help gain new acquisitions which as we’ve discussed is a great benefit of these sales! Attempt to continue your relationship with the customer, by asking for feedback and sending thank you emails post purchase.


Abby Millar

Content specialist with experience in food & drink