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Whitedot Skis are a small passionate team making premium free-ride skis for the European and US markets. In a short number of years, Whitedot has grown a reputation for true craft and innovation in their product development. They have a loyal fanbase all over the world and they adopt traditional distribution methods which growing success. They are now working with Altum Media to raise the awareness of their brand and use social media and email marketing as consistent brand channels to increase advocacy and website acquisition which will support their direct-to-consumer sales.

What we did

We developed a number of strategies to improve the effectiveness of their social media and email channels.

We are working on a consistent approach to social posts depending on the channel. We have increased the regularity of posts, as well as the engagement and click throughs to their website. We are implementing Facebook and Instagram shops to help improve the customer buying journey. We are working on a set of email template designs for standard campaigns and a set of automated emails to support abandoned cart activity.


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