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We planned and managed a half-day shoot to gather a brand new suite of photography to help promote RocketGro




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About our client

RocketGro launched in 2020 to provide gardeners and growers with high-quality and organic soil improvers.

Produced using the by-product of renewable energy production at their farm in Somerset, the range of soil improving, soil conditioning and natural fertiliser products are for indoor and outdoor plants and gardens. They are high in organic matter, 100% peat-free and full of rich NPK. This is truly a wonder product that can be delivered directly to customers doors or found in garden centres across the UK.

We have helped RocketGro from the very start with their social media strategy and implementation, building a suite of photography and managing their email marketing presence.

What we did

Working with one of our trusted photography partners, Milly Fletcher, we managed the shoot from start to finish; including developing a mood board, a shot and prop list, managing logistics and timings.

The results

A brand new suite of beautiful photography to match RocketGro's branding and help us promote the products online during the launch phase. The images have been used on their website, social media, Amazon store, eBay store and for email marketing campaigns.

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