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Just Hot Tubs - Product Illustration

To create hot tub illustrations to show the insulation layers.


Just Hot Tubs



About our client

Established in 2003, Just Hot Tubs has been providing customers with first class hot tub sales and service for almost 20 years. The business has grown steadily in that time, now operating from three showroom locations in Exeter, Plymouth and Reading.

Just Hot Tubs prides itself on their ability to help customers all the way along their purchasing and after-sales journey. Their team will help people find the perfect hot tub, deliver and install it for free and then by right by their side to help them care for their hot tubs for many years to come.

The whole team is very passionate about what they do and giving an excellent customer service, they love hot tubs so much that most of the people working there have their own spas at home!

2020 was a challenging year for every business - with long periods of lockdown, we helped Just Hot Tubs shift their business model from relying entirely on their showrooms to promoting and selling directly from their website with contactless sales and delivery processes in place. By operating more online we were able to help them reach extended geographies and more customers.

What we did

We created three different hot tub illustrations to show customers the various layers on insulation that are in the hot tub.

Understanding insulation is quite important when deciding which hot tub to buy, our client Just Hot Tubs did not have any way to easily show potential customers the different types of insulation that are in their hot tubs. We came up with the idea of using a cut-through illustration for this - sketched up some options and created these really nice insulation graphics to be used on the website and in printed product materials.

The results

Professional looking, clear and accurate visual aids for the website and printed brochures to help sell more hot tubs.


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