Facebook Advertising

Just Hot Tubs - Facebook Advertising

Set up, optimise and manage a number of different Facebook adverts to increase hot tub leads.


Just Hot Tubs


Facebook Advertising


We were responsible for increasing brand awareness and hot tub leads through a sustained Facebook advertising campaign.

Just Hot Tubs - Facebook Advertising

What we did

We set out to run a number of different targeted adverts on Facebook to build awareness and generate more sales leads.

To do this, we first ensured that the Pixel events were relevant and running correctly alongside the website leads goals. We then built a number of custom audiences based on different data sources to target people most similar to Just Hot Tub's existing customers. We then layered this with geo and interest targeting to hone in on the most likely people to action the adverts.

The results

Through combined Facebook and Google Adwords campaign, the client saw a huge uplift in leads, with higher lead conversion and hot tub sales, so much so that they had to overcome some stock challenges! Ads were generating approximately a40x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).


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