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We were tasked with producing a stand-out customer welcome pack that would improve the customer experience and aid referral and retention.

Just Hot Tubs Customer Welcome Packs
What we did

First of all we reviewed the whole customer journey from research, to shopping, to delivery, to post-sale. We noticed a gap at the sale/post-sale stage so we set out to plan and create something that would lift that experience, leave a great lasting expression on the customer and at the same time help increase brand referrals and retention.

We created a fun and accessible pack to be given to all new customers at the point in which their hot tub was delivered and installed, it included a number of things including;

  1. Easy-to-digest Customer Care Guide
  2. Money off referral vouchers to give to friends and family
  3. Money off vouchers to be used against the Maintenance Packages provided by Just Hot Tubs
  4. A VIP Maintenance Service card to reinforce the aftercare packages available
  5. New carbon copy sign-off sheets - making it easier for install team and customer to sign delivery
  6. Just Hot Tubs branded tote bag - perfect for shopping or going to the beach
  7. Just Hot Tubs branded insulated water bottle - great for staying hydrated in the office
  8. Just Hot Tubs branded rubber duck - for a bit of fun!
The results

Since the launch of the packs, Just Hot Tubs has seen a greater number of positive customer reviews online, more enquiries for maintenance packages and increased referral enquiries.


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