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As a heritage brand who has been making award-winning cheddar in Devon for 45 years, Quicke's have built a loyal group of cheese worshippers around the globe who know and love the brand and their products. Stocked in supermarkets, cheesemongers, food markets and farm shops from London to Los Angeles, the distribution of the Quicke's brand is strong. Knowing this, they wanted to build on their direct relationship with the consumer via their website, email database and social channels - a relationship they can manage and own to the nth degree.



We planned and implemented an e-commerce email marketing plan for Quicke's, including design of branded template which can be used easily in-house to build consistent campaigns.

Email campaigns were designed to distribute engaging, relevant and timely content hosted on the website's blog to various audiences. We also planned transactional / e-commerce focused campaigns to drive sales on the website. We introduced segmentation to the master email list with targeted content, messaging and call to actions to improve relevance for the recipient.

We also set up various automated campaigns such as 'abandoned cart' and 'welcome' emails.


Traffic, transactions, revenue and conversion rate from email all increased hugely following the campaign.  

The mailing lists have an average open rate of 27.68% (the industry average is 19.52%) showing the audience is engaged in the brand and the content.

The automated Abandoned Cart email has an open rate of 53.7%, and a conversion rate of 57%. the automated 'Welcome' emails have an open rate of 69.3% and a conversion rate of 12.50%.

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