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Launching and selling out a new family Christmas experience in South Devon

Dartmouth Steam Railway

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The DSRRB Company launched a brand new product for Christmas 2018; The Train of Lights. This illuminated journey takes customers on a magical ride from Paignton, through the Greenway tunnel and along the river Dart with spectacular lights the whole way.

We helped the DSRRB Company to inform people about this new product.

The challenge


First, we advised DSRRB on the optimum content needed and then planned a social media campaign using this content in order to target the relevant audience and drive traffic to their Train of Lights website to increase the number of product bookings.

We scheduled a number of organic posts using small 10 second teaser videos, which we boosted to the right audience. On top of this, we set up two different ad sets in Facebook targeting the London and SW audience separately so we had comparable data for future campaigns.


We worked with the DSRRB to promote their Train of Lights service and continued to work for them - annual results below;

  • Complete sell out of the new Christmas product multiple times, resulting in additional dates, times and carriages being added to support the demand
  • 1000s of user-generate content (UGC) using relevant hashtags and competitions
  • 84.6% growth on average across social channels YoY
  • 413K annual engagements
  • 6.5m annual impressions on social media