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Managing an integrated marketing plan to increase awareness and drive sales of whisky brand

Dartmoor Whisky Distillery

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Located on the edge of Dartmoor, in Bovey Tracey, Dartmoor Whisky Distillery is all about local provenance. Their whisky is Devon’s first and only single malt whisky, individually aged in either ex-Bourbon, Bordeaux or Oloroso Sherry casks for unique colour and flavour profiles. It is made using Dartmoor grown barley and cut with pure Dartmoor spring water. They are a true artisan brand, staying true to the craft and paying extra attention to detail when producing every drop of their fine whisky.

The challenge

Starting a whisky business is no small feat... it takes years of careful planning and patience as whisky is not legally allowed to be classed as whisky until it has spent a minimum of 3 years aging in cask. The challenge here was to put Dartmoor Whisky onto the map and make people aware prior to even having the whisky ready.


Facebook Advertising

We planned and executed a number of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase online revenue.

Due to the impact of COVID in 2020, our client had to quickly shift from selling whisky to retail and trade, to selling whisky online directly to consumers, and we helped them transition the focus via Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing and improved Social Media presence.

By learning and understanding our clients target audience, we developed a number of audience target groups (avatars) and built Facebook audiences and campaigns to reach new customers.

We matched a number of regional audiences with a "Conversion" metric to maximise the Facebook algorithm for finding people with similar purchasing behaviours.

The results were strong - during 2020 we managed to create a 15x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for the client, turning a £1k spend into over £15k revenue.

There is more budget and more campaigns planned for 2021.

Content Marketing

Dartmoor Whisky Distillery needed a suite of lifestyle images to help tell the brand story and unveil their range of clothing and merchandise ahead of the Christmas gift buying season.

We mood boarded the photoshoot concepts, sourced models, props and location and met at the break of dawn on a cold misty morning to get the conditions just right with our partner photographer. We then planned a campaign to distribute this content across the website, email and social channels.

We delivered a suite of impactful imagery to tell the story of the Dartmoor Whisky brand whilst showing the clothing in an aspirational and impactful way. The brand website was updated with the all-new imagery giving it a refreshed look and feel for the upcoming gift-buying season.

Product Development

Working closely with our client, we guided them on a journey to extend their product range and create a suitable solution to satisfy many requirements for the marketing strategy. This product was created for;

  • Trade - so that they could either sample the product themselves before buying or offer their customers a perfect gift option
  • Direct-to-consumer - the perfect way to discover Dartmoor Whisky without buying a whole bottle and an ideal Christmas gift for any whiksy lover
  • Press - this pack can be sent out to press for sampling and consideration in their publications (a great way to impress them, we think!)

Altum Media brought this new product to life from start to finish; we created the idea for the product and then managed the design, copywriting and printing.

The end result? We created a beautiful new packaged product for our client - this is a key product to enhance and extend their range in the lead up to the key gifting period of Christmas. The product gives users the chance to explore the brand without committing to buying a whole bottle.

This product has already proven to be extremely popular with both trade, direct-to-consumer and press.

Our client is extremely happy with the result and it is now accounting for a large percentage of their sales.


--- 15x Return

15x ROAS in 2020, turning a £1k spend into over £15k revenue

--- New Product

Beautiful new packaged product for our client was key in enhancing and extend their range in the lead up to the key gifting period of Christmas

--- A suite of impactful digital content

To tell the story of the Dartmoor Whisky brand whilst showing the clothing in an aspirational and impactful way.

We have been guided through our first trading year by Altum. Their expertise has been instrumental in developing our sales from the start. It's exciting working with them and we could not be forecasting such strong growth without their guidance.
Greg, Founder, Dartmoor Whisky Distillery
Dartmoor Whisky Distillery